Making Sense of the China-Africa Relationship: Think Pieces

The following think pieces were presented at Making Sense of the China-Africa Relationship: Theoretical Approaches and the Politics of Knowledge, a conference held on November 18 and 19, 2013, at Yale University. The pieces explored some of the following questions:

  • How does the China-Africa relationship, and the scholarship on it, inform and informed by broader bodies of theory and analytical approaches?
  • How does it connect to broader scholarly and policy discourses regarding the economic, political and cultural dimensions of globalization?
  • What does it reveal to us about new relationships in a changing global order?
  • Is there a larger frame or field within which to understand these relationships, and what would it be? (Transformations in the global South? Emerging geopolitical powers?)
  • How do we teach and prepare students in our respective institutions to research and engage in this cross-regional research?

China’s ‘exceptionalism’ and the allure of the ‘new’?: ‘New’ Chinese migration to Africa

Neocolonialism, rising China, and mutual understanding in China-Africa relations

Ivory intricacies: Pluralism, diversity, and global Perspectives in African-Asian ivory networks

China’s development-oriented security agenda in Africa: Principled pragmatism, persuasive diplomacy, and policy learning process