Professor, African Studies, African Languages and Literatures, University of ViennaAdams BODOMO


Expertise/Research Interests: African studies, African diaspora studies, China-Africa relations, Africans in China, languages and linguistics

Languages: English, Twi, Mandarin, Norwegian

Bio: Prof. Adams Bodomo is one of the leading experts on African diaspora communities in China. He earned his BA and MA from University of Ghana, Legon and his PhD in Linguistics and African Studies from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim. He recently left his position as Associate Professor of Linguistics and African Studies Programme Director at the University of Hong Kong. He also served as Chief Editor, African Language Grammars and Dictionaries (ALGaD) Series, Language Science Press in Berlin. His current projects include: research into Africa-China relations; research into the African diaspora in Asia, particularly China; and research on the syntactic and semantic structures of a wide range of languages, including Dagaare, Twi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Dong, and Zhuang. He has a number of major publications and interviews under his belt. His most recent book is Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications on Africa-China Relations.