Heidi Østbø HAUGEN


Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo; 2014: Visiting scholar at Sun Yat-sen University


Expertise/Research Interests: Africans in China, Chinese immigration and investment in Africa, China, West-Africa, Pentecostal networks

Languages: English, Norwegian, Mandarin

Bio: Dr. Heidi Haugen is one of the foremost specialists studying Africans in China. After earning her PhD in Human Geography from the University of Oslo, she is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the same university, and much of her research focuses on West African migrants in Guangzhou. She previously worked for the United Nations World Food Programme in West Africa between 2006 and 2008, and before that in the Department of Research of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.