Research Associate, China Africa Reporting Project, University of the Witwatersrand.


Expertise/Research Interests: China-Africa relations, reporting on China-Africa, intersection of international communication and international relations

Languages: English, Kiswahili, Mandarin

Bio: Bob Wekesa is a PhD candidate in international communications at Communication University of China and a Research Associate at University of the Witwatersrand University, South Africa. He sits on the steering committee of Chinese in Africa/Africans in China Research Network. He is a founding research coordinator at the African Communication Research Centre at Communication University of China. Wekesa graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in English linguistics and literature from University of Nairobi, Kenya and an MA in International Communications from Communication University of China (with distinction). He was a Commonwealth Press Union fellow in the UK in 2002. His journalism experience spans reporting, editing and leadership across multiple media platforms; in addition to numerous articles, Wekesa is the author of two books and his third, on China-Africa, is forthcoming.