Castillo Photo

+ Roberto CASTILLO

Lecturer at the African Studies Programme at The University of Hong Kong

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Research Interests: Africans in China; transnationality, migration and mobility; Africa-China relations; ethnography; media representation; and the cultural politics of race/ethnicity.

Languages: Mandarin, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese

Bio: Roberto Castillo (PhD Cultural Studies) is a lecturer at the African Studies Programme at The University of Hong Kong. He is from Mexico but has been living, working and researching in the Asian region since 2006. Besides Cultural Studies, his training is in journalism, International Relations, Political Science and History. In 2009, when he was working as an editor for a branch of Xinhua News Agency in Beijing, he became interested in the increasing presence of foreigners in China and their transnational connections. Since 2010, he has been carrying out cultural research on Africans in Guangzhou. His recent publications include ‘Feeling at home in the “Chocolate City”: an exploration of place-making practices and structures of belonging amongst Africans in Guangzhou’ and ‘‘Homing’ Guangzhou: emplacement, belonging and precarity amongst Africans in China’. He also administers a website dedicated to the wider field of Africans in China at