Professor, Development Policy and Practice, The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK)


Research Interests: the role of China in Africa’s development, Chinese oil companies in Africa, Chinese traders in Ghana and Nigeria, migrants/migration, development and participation

Languages: English

Bio: Giles Mohan is a human geographer who obtained his PhD from Liverpool University in 1993. His work concerns the politics of development, particularly the intermingling of territorial scales and transnational networks. Prior to joining the faculty at Open University he taught at Liverpool University, the University of Central Lancashire, and Portsmouth University. His most recent work concerns the role of China in African development, funded through a series of grants from the UK's Economic and Social Research Council. His latest funded project concerns the development implications of Chinese national oil companies. Previously he worked on the developmental impacts of the diaspora, based on both theoretical work and case studies of the Ghanaian diaspora in the UK and its linkages to Ghana. With his recent study of Chinese migrants in Africa, he has developed these insights around new migration trajectories and Africa’s development. This concern with the role of migrants in local development evolved out of his work on decentralized and participatory development, which is another ongoing interest.