Associate Professor, Division of Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Expertise/Research Interests: communist and post-communist systems, Chinese politics (especially ethnic politics), China-Africa Relations (especially Zambia), China-US relations, international law (especially human rights)

Languages: English, Cantonese

Bio: Barry Sautman is a political scientist (PhD, Columbia University) and lawyer (JD, UCLA; LLM, NYU) who primarily teaches international law, China-US relations, contemporary China, ethnicity, and nationalism. One of his areas of research has been comparative perspectives of ethnic politics in China, including ethnic policies, and the political economic and legal aspects of the Tibet and Xinjiang issues. His other main focus is China-Africa linkages, including political economy, labor rights, migration between China and Africa and interactions between Chinese and Africans, representations and perceptions of China and Chinese in Africa, and the supposed strategic rivalry between the US and China in Africa. He has published several monographs and numerous journal articles, as well as print media op-ed pieces and online contributions.